Can you grow your business and
still be socially responsible?


If you have come to our website, you're NOT a typical CEO or executive. Your bottom line involves more than growth and shareholder value and Machiavellian attempts to maximize cash flow. You respect your instincts, the environment, honor your company's reputation, and work to be responsive to the needs of others. Ultimately, your bottom line involves your employees, and how engaged (or disengaged) they are from your mission.

Corporate Quest offers you customized retreats, workshops in the woods that provide you and your employees with the tools needed to navigate EVERY aspect of your mission, Working with small groups, we offer you intensive (and quite honestly, Intense) experiences that focus on team building and personal leadership development.

Corporate Quest honors the Individual, because the strong individual becomes the strong TEAM player. And the strong, engaged team player will help you to increase customer loyalty and decrease turnover. The strong, engaged team player helps your profits to JUMP.

Corporate Quest brings you into the Vermont wilderness, a powerful place to focus and renew. Our 3 or 4 day intensive workshops are designed to build a cooperative spirit, plus a new AWARENESS... not only of your company, but of YOURSELF.

Corporate Quest recognizes that many engaged business leaders are outdoors people. We invite you to share your enthusiasm for the outdoors with your staff, and use it as a tool for corporate and personal GROWTH >